Monday, April 9, 2012

A Weekend We Will Never Forget!!!

This pass weekend was amazing and one we will never forget.  It all started on Friday morning when we went to court to finalize Ty's adoption.  It was awesome sitting there in the court room.  We had Judge Taylor and he was super nice.  I had never been in a court room so it was interesting to see how it all worked.  Finalizing an adoption in Court doesn't take very long.  It probably only lasted 20 minutes.  First you all stand when the judge comes in and then our Attorney Paul MaCarthur called our caseworker Kristel to the stand.  He then asked you questions about the adoption and about Cameron and I and then they handed the papers to the Judge to review and he signed them.  We also had to sign some papers in front of the Judge.  Our Attorney then turned to me and asked me some questions.   They are mostly yes and no questions.  The one question that makes everyone cry is the Attorney asks you to tell the court your feelings about this adoption.  Of course I cried.  Then he turned to Cameron and asked him some questions and then it was over and our adoption was final!  After the Judge came down to take some pictures with us.  After we left the Courthouse we all went to Village Inn to grab some breakfast.

Judge Taylor
Our Family that was in the Courtroom with us, along with our Attorney and Caseworker

Cameron with our Attorney and Caseworker getting certified copies our the adoption decree


Christy Smith

What an exciting weekend and such a beautiful family! Congratulations! Ty is so lucky to come into such a loving home with such an amazing Mommy and Daddy. Heavenly Father guided him straight to you. I know you'll all be so happy together forever!

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