Monday, June 25, 2012

Lava Hot Springs!!!

Our work schedules have been so busy lately that we decided we needed to get away for a couple days to spend some time as a little family.  Cameron decided he wanted to go up to Lava Hot Springs.  It was fun but an adventure.  When we first arrived we went and got the key to our room.  When Cameron booked the hotel it said it has a little kitchen and a nice bathroom and all that.  Well were we surprised when we walked into the room.  It was the most trashy room I have ever seen.  There was not a kitchen, it was a microwave and a little fridge at the foot of the bed.  The beds and floor has stains all over them, and the bathroom was so tiny and it didn't even have a bath for us to bathe Ty in.  It was disgusting.  There was no way we would be able to put Ty on the ground it was that bad, and I am not exaggerating.  So, we decided we would drive another 20-30 minutes to Pocatello and get a hotel room there.  Cameron looked on his phone and saw there was a Marriott in Pocatello and so he just booked that while we were on our way.  Once we got to the Marriott the room we booked was already full so they upgraded us for free.  The new room was so nice and clean!!!!!  We could actually put Ty on the ground.  So, note to anyone wanting to go to Lava Hot Springs, stay in Pocatello, not the actual Lava Hot Springs city.  

 Our hotel room at the Marriott!!!!!

 Nasty room at Lava Hot Springs.  The pictures make it look better than it really was.  You can't see all the stains and dirt all over the floor and beds!

 The next couple days we drove from Pocatello down to the swimming pool.  It ended up being really fun and relaxing!!!!

 Cameron and I jumped off the highest platform.  It is 30ft high.  You had to sign a waiver before they let you jump off.  It was so scary but fun.  They say you hit the water going at least 23 miles an hour!
 Cameron went on the slides while I stayed with Ty.  He said they were super fun!

Ty loves his tube!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

7 Peaks :)

Ty went to 7 Peaks for the first time.  He loved it.  He loves being outside and loves the water!!!

 Playing in the wave pool
 Starting to get tired :(  Time for a nap.  He started falling asleep sitting with my cousin in the wave pool.  Luckily grandpa was there to snuggle Ty in the shade while he took a nap!!! 
 Playing with Tatum!!!

He loves just being in his diaper :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catch me if you can :)

Ty is 8 months old.  He is so much fun.  We love watching him grow and learn new things everyday.  He can get anywhere he wants to go and he gets there fast.  He is army crawling but is so close to real crawling.  He will get up on his hands and knees and rock like he is going to take off and he will start to move his hands and knees but then falls down and army crawls.  He knows he can get there faster if he army crawls.  He loves to talk and laugh.  He has his two bottom teeth.  They both poked through the same week.  He wants to eat whatever we are eating.  I gave him a french fry the other day and he loved it.  He got so mad when I would take it out of his mouth because he bit off too big of a piece.  He loves being outside and loves the water.  He is starting to stand holding on to the couch and is getting better and better at it each day.  He loves looking a books.  He is starting the stranger anxiety phase and cries when someone tries to hold him that he doesn't know.  He warms up pretty quick to everyone though.  He loves when dad comes home from work.  I have never seen him get so excited to see someone as he does when Cameron walks through the door.  He loves his daddy so much!!!   He is so much fun and we love his so much!!!  We can't wait to keep watching him grow and learn!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Parade!!

Ty went to his first parade!  It was the Pony Express Day parade out in Eagle Mountain.  Anneka was cheering in the parade so we went to see her.  Ty didn't know what to think of all the cammotion at first.  He loved the big trucks and motorcycles, just like his dad :).  He ended up falling asleep half way through.  It was still fun and that parade throws a lot of candy, which was awesome!!!!