Monday, September 7, 2009

I know I have not posted for awhile so I figured I probably should. This week was a crazy one. It started off not so great but ended good. It all started last friday when our fish died. It was really sad. I know it sounds kind of crazy to be sad over a fish but I was.
Then saturday I went over to my parents house to spend the day with them because Cameron went with his dad fishing up at Strawberry. Well the day was really fun until I started to have this crazy pain and had to go to the ER. I ended up being there for seven hours. It was a long night. It was scary for awhile not knowing what was going on but luckily everything is ok for now. Thanks to my mom and Shellie for staying in the ER with me until Cameron got there. The next couple days were kind of crappy just because I couldn't move around very good and was really nauseous but then the week started to get better.
Wednesday I found out I got a job with a home health agency. I am still going to be working at the hospital full-time, this is just a little something extra. I have always wanted to try home health and the opprotunity kind of fell in my lap. I am really excited and hope I like it!!!
Then saturday came. Let me just say I love BYU football!!!! It was an awesome game and what a great way to start the season. GO COUGARS!!!!!!!!

Sunday was Tatum's blessing. It was a beautiful day. Graydon gave an amazing blessing. Tatum did so good. She slept through the whole thing, and was happy the rest of the day. She just started smiling not too long ago and it is the cutest thing ever. Cameron got her laughing so hard before the blessing, it was really cute. Here are a couple pictures of her.

She loves her tongue