Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday for Two!!

Lincoln and I shared a birthday on Tuesday. It is fun to have a nephew have the same birthday as me. The partying started on Monday when we had a family BBQ at Katie's house to celebrate our birthday. It was fun to have all of our family together. Then on Tuesday Cameron and I went to dinner at Ruby River when he got off of work. It was so yummy. They give you a really good birthday dessert, I highly recomment it. The partying ended on Wednesday when we had Cameron's family over for cake and ice cream. It was a fun birthday even though I am getting old:(

Lincoln is all the way in the birthday bag.

Us at Ruby River

This is the birthday dessert they give you. So so good!!!
Sorry there are no pictures of the party with Cam's family. The pictures are on Cameron's camera and I can't get them to upload onto the laptop. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me. It was a blast!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Party

Saturday we had our family Easter party and my grandma's in Salem. It was so much fun. Cameron and I went down early and hid the easter eggs with a couple of my other cousins and then everyone else arrived and we had the easter egg hunt. It is a tradition that we hide a golden egg and if you find it you get a prize. This year we hid three golden eggs. Anneka, Griffin and Lincoln were the lucky three to find them. Here are some pictures of the kids hunting.
Lincoln got this huge chocolate egg for part of his prize. I think he could have eaten the whole thing at once if his parents would have let him.