Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend full of Basketball!!!

This weekend was filled with Basketball. It all started on Friday night. I went with my mom, Shellie, Grandma, Aunts, Uncle and cousins to the Salem Hills High School basketball game. My mom grew up in Salem and this is the first year they have had a high school so everyone was excited to go see the new high school and watch them play. It was a blast. I think me and Shellie got a little too into the game for not knowing anyone on the team:) I forgot how much fun high school games are. One thing that made me laugh was the student section would yell "old people stand up" to get everyone in the parents section to stand up. It was hilarious. It was a really close game but Salem came away with a win and advances to the quater finals of the state tournament.
Saturday I went with Shellie, my mom and aunt Phyllis to the Jazz game. It too was a lot of fun. At the beginning they did a little tribute to Larry H Miller. It was really nice. To be honest I got a little teary eyed. The game was exciting and the Jazz came away with a win!!!
Salem Hills Skyhawks banner

My cousin McKenna, me and Shellie before the game

Me and Shellie after the intense game

Me and Shellie at the Jazz game. We thought our seats were in lower bowl but when we got there we found out they were the second to last row. Oh well, it was still fun!

Shellie, Me, my Mom and aunt Phyllis after the game!
*For those of you wondering, I don't always leave Cameron at home while I go do fun things. He has been working every weekend night for the last few months. I am so ready for that schedule to be over so we can spend more time together.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend!!

Valentines Weekend was so fun this year. Both Cameron and I had to work Friday night so when we got off work we met at IHOP for breakfast! After breakfast I headed up to Midway with my family for my aunts wedding. Cameron just went to bed because he had to work that night. It was so fun to see my cousins that live out of the state. Since Cameron had to work Saturday night I brought my niece and nephews home to spend the night with me! We went to the store and got treats and then came home and watched lots of movies and played games. It was so fun to spend the night with them. They are all so dang cute. Here are some pictures from my weekend with the kids.

As you can see from the picture I think we wore Griffin out!! :)

Anneka and Corbin thought they were so funny posing for the pictures!
The only time he is not talking is when he is asleep! He talks like he is 3 going on 13!