Sunday, April 14, 2013

Birthday Fun!!

Stacy just recently had her birthday. Birthdays are always fun around here because we have three different families that we plan birthday events for. Stacy shares her actual birthday with our nephew, Lincoln. So, we usually celebrate them together. This year though was especially cool because our niece (Lincoln's baby sister, Brielle) was blessed on Stacy and Lincoln's birthday. We went over to Stacy's sister's house after and all spent time together. Later in the week, we went to my mom's house and celebrated her birthday there too. For my dad, he took us out to eat at Outbook Steak House...I love that place!!...yum  It was a great birthday for Stacy  :)

 This is Stacy with both of her grandmas. The one on the left is Stacy's mom's mother and the one on the right is Stacy's dad's mother. They are so sweet and love Ty so much! 

This is all three of us at my mom's house. It is amazing we were somehow able to get Ty to cooperate with a family picture for a split second...he just wants to run and play and play some more.