Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Local Hero's!!!!

On September 11th Chick-Fil-A honored the police and fire departments in American Fork.  Jana and I decided to take the kids down there and to see Cameron.  The kids loved it.  They were able to go in all the different police cars and trucks, sit on the motorcycle, see the K-9, try on SWAT gear and even make the sirens go off.  It was fun to see them all so excited!!!!

 We are so grateful for officers like Cameron who protect and serve our Communities!!!  We love all of them!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Summer pictures

A few pictures from this summer
 Ty and I had just gotten home from running errands and I sat him down in front of the tv and I went out to grab something from the car and when I came back in this is how I found Ty.  I guess I wore him out :)

 While our friends were back in Utah on a break from Medical school we went to Provo Beach Resort.  The boys ( Cameron and Judd) did the ropes course.   This is them waiting for their turn to get on the course.  We always have so much fun with Judd and Candace.  We miss them so much and can't wait until we get to live closer to them again.  We couldn't ask for better friends!!!
 On the ropes course!!!!
 Ty thought Provo Beach Resort was pretty fun too!!!
Ty and I went to Chuckie Cheese with my mom, sister and her kids.  Ty loved riding the rides :)

Living Planet Aquarium

Cameron, Ty and I went to the Living Planet Aquarium for the first time.  We had so much fun.  It is so fun to watch Ty get so excited to see all the animals.  He absolutely loved it!!!

 He is not quite sure what dad put him on :)

 He wanted to touch all the animals as they swam close to the glass.  He was talking up a storm as he watched the animals.
 Same size as a baby Penguin!!!

He loved this Penguin stuffed animal.  We walked through the store and he grabbed it.  I tried to put it back and he cried.  I broke his heart taking it away.  I gave it back to him and he was not going to let go of it again.  He came home with the Penguin :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

11 months!!!!

Ty is 11 months old.  Just one more month and he is 1.  That is so crazy.  He still loves to be on the go.  He is so close to walking on his own.  He has 6 teeth now!!!  He loves watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates on Disney Jr.  It is so cute as soon as he hears it come on he crawls really fast over to the tv and starts dancing.  We can't wait to celebrate his first birthday next month!!!!

 He loves playing with balls and can actually throw them pretty far.  He throws better with his left hand so it will be fun to see if he will be left handed or not.
 Giving loves to his elephant and giraffe :)