Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wedding, Carnival, Concerts and BBQ

Sorry it has been awhile since I last posted so this post is picture overload. The past couple of weeks have been packed. First my friend Chelsea got married. We did the whole wedding thing all day. It was a lot of fun. Congrats Chels and Zach!!!
Then we went to Pony Express Days out in Eagle Mountain. We spent the day at the carnival with all our whole family. It was so windy, rainy and cold at times but it was still a lot of fun.
Next we went to the Real soccer game because David Archuleta sang the national anthem and then he did a mini concert after. He was amazing as usual. The second concert we went to was the Kelly Clarkson concert at the UVU baseball field. It was rainy all day but for the concert it was pretty clear, it just sprinkled a little bit.
Finally today we had a family Father's day BBQ. We had it early so everyone could be there. It was fun as always!!!

Enjoy all the Pictures!!!

Sorry I don't know how to turn the picture so it faces the right way:(

The photographer told us to dance. It was a little weird because we didn't have music but it was still fun.


Lincoln and Griffin rode this ride over and over again. Griffin about gave us all heart failure when he started to stand up on the ride as it was going. Luckily the worker saw it and heard all of us yelling at him to sit down that he stopped the ride and made them get off. We are so thankful the ride was not at full speed or it would have flipped him out.

Kelly concert

David Concert

Shellie's friend Lindsey went to the soccer game with us

Our neighbors have family staying with them this summer and so a few of them came over and had smores with us and played with the kids. This is Anneka and Thomas playing bad mitten

Corbin and the neighbor girl Rachel

The adults had a bad mitten competition. Jana and Graydon won the whole competition, and Jana is eight months pregnant!!!

Me and Cameron

Mom and Dad

Katie and Aaron

Roasting Starbursts

Roasting smores:)

Aaron had marshmellow all over his face. He was more messy than the kids