Saturday, April 21, 2012

Utah Hogle Zoo!!!

Ty loved his first trip to the Zoo.  He loved watching all the animals especially the monkeys.  There were these small orange monkeys (I don't know for sure if they were monkeys but they looked like it) and Ty thought they were so funny as they ran around their cage.  He was laughing so hard.  It was fun to see him get excited at all the animals. 

 Mr. Cool

 Grandma Lyman and Aunt Shellie came with us!!!

 The same size as a baby gorilla :)

Ty picked out a couple souvenir's, a hat and a baby elephant

Something crazy that happened while we were at the zoo is we were looking at elephants and the baby elephant had just gotten wet and then ran over and laid in the dirt and started rolling around.  Well all of a sudden she started making this crazy loud noise and slashing back and forth.  The mommy elephant went over to her and eventually helped the baby elephant up with her trunk.  The zoo workers got on the intercom and said that the baby elephant was stuck in a hole in the sand and that she was in distress and that is why she was acting like she was.  It was interesting hearing the mom communicate to the baby.  I think she was telling her to calm down so she could help her up :)



You have been a busy blogger!! I love the pics from the zoo. So cute and fun!

I loved reading about Easter weekend again. It was seriously such an amazing weekend and something I will never forget. We love Ty so much and are so glad he is part of our forever family! The best weekend ever for sure!!!


I'm so glad I was there! He was so cute and it was so fun. And, I loved all your other blog posts as well. I'm proud of you for updating!! :)

Christy Smith

Looks like so much fun! I'm sure you'll have many more trips can't get enough of it! What a cute boy!

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