Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Most of you know that I am a nurse on the pediatric unit down at UVRMC and so I see a lot of sick kids. Saturday night was one of the scariest nights I have had in my 4 years of nursing. As most of you know it is RSV season. This season of RSV is soooooooo bad. The kids that are hospitalized with RSV are sicker than I have ever seen them. Saturday night I was taking care of a 1 month old little boy who is really sick with RSV. Well he was doing ok until about 3am. Around that time his little body decided it couldn't fight to breath anymore and his breathing started to get worse, he got pale and was starting to crash on me. We ended up having to intubate him and he now is on a ventilator. The point of my story is not to freak everyone out about RSV but to warn all of you with little ones. It is a really bad RSV year and it is making little ones so so so sick and I don't want to have to see any of my family or friends in the hospital with their little ones, so please stay home as much as possible.
On a happier note I am finally finished working full-time nights. I am now officially part-time at this hospital so I only work two nights a week now. I still am doing my home health job full-time which is keeping me busy but at least it is during the day!!!!!


The DeGiulio's

Sounds scary! Luckily I only have a few friends whose kids have had RSV this season. Thats interesting that its so bad this year.


Good warning sister!!

Brooke and Ben

Oh, I am so scared of RSV!!! I have a three week old!! I pray that we don't get it, but it gets depressing to stay in the house ALL the time! I couldn't do your job. It would make me so sad! You are so good at it, and I know if my baby did end up in the hospital, I would have a great nurse! Toni's kids have had it, and she didn't even get to hold my baby for three weeks. That stuff is so NASTY. How are you guys? I still want to get together. I am glad that you don't have to work nights anymore. Take care of those little ones. I am praying that my little one doesn't get it. Was that little baby breastfed?

The Banana Bunch

Ooooh I hope Tatum doesn't get it!!

The Anderson's

Stacy, this is Kim (Kreutzer)Anderson from Alta View days! I found your blog through Chelsea's. Thanks for the warning about RSV, so scary! I need to be more careful with Halle.


Thanks for the warning. We will be careful. My neighbor just had her little girl up at PCMC with RSV. It is so scary.

Cindy Lou who?

I'm so happy for you that you aren't working full time nights! man those nights were so hard sometimes! Hey I have a picture of you on my blog :)

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