Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012!!!

We had our annual Halloween party at our house!  Like always you had to dress up.  It is always so much fun to see what everyone dressed up as.  I love that everyone in our family participates, it makes it so much more fun.  We had yummy food, treats and lots of fun activities!!!!

Shellie made this really cute marshmellows for decorations

For one of the treats we had a caramel apple bar.  We melted caramel and then had lots of different candy bars to dip your caramel apple in.  It is so yummy.  I think this might be a must have each year!!

Gift bags for all the kids to take home

All of us dressed up!!!!

Our little Vampire :)  He is the most handsome vampire we know :)

My dad's work always has a halloween party for their families.  This year it was actually on Halloween.  We started the day off, by going up to my dad's work and trick or treating up there.  The kids get so much candy  going from office to office.  Some of the office's are decorated which is awesome!  After you are done trick or treating you can go in the conference room and have juice and popcorn.  The grandkids look forward to going to Grandpa's work every year!!!

After trick or treating at my dad's work we went down to my parents house and went to their trunk or treat that their ward had.  Ty loved walking around getting candy!!!  He ended up with soooo much!

Ty with Grandpa

Ty loved picking out the candy himself.  He would try and take a handful of candy instead of just 1 :)

After trick or treating he loved playing in the leaves!!!!


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