Saturday, July 9, 2011

No More Night Shifts!!!!

A couple nights ago was my last night shift working as a night nurse. I am so excited to not be working nights anymore!!! I am sad to leave my night shift friends though. I have become so close to them and have loved working with them. It is a good thing that I will still be able to see them as we give report to each other and at staff meeting. We are going to have to be better about getting together outside of work. Anyway, I am excited for this new journey on days and getting back to a more normal life. Since I am moving to days it is a little different position. My home base is on pediatrics where I will be working most of the time (hopefully) but I also will be able to work mom/baby and NICU. I am so excited to learn the different areas. To be honest though mom/baby scares me the most. I don't know why because the mom and baby for the most part are healthy. I guess it is just because I am use to working with sick babies and kids. Anyway, I am excited to learn more in different areas of nursing and to be working during the day!!!


The DeGiulio's

Thats so nice you dont have to work night shifts anymore & the new area you will be working sounds fun. If I ever did nursing I think I would want to work with the moms & babies :) good luck.

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