Friday, April 30, 2010


Last week I was diagnosed with having severe endometriosis which is why I can't get pregnant. It is nice to know what is causing the problem but I have heard so many horror stories about endometriosis it scares me. Anyway, it is looking like I am probably going to have to have surgery because the pain is getting worse and becoming more consistent and the endometriomas I have are literally crushing my ovaries. Finding a good surgeon is really important to me but I don't even know where to start, so I was wondering if anyone knows a good surgeon for endometriosis?
Also, I wanted to say thanks to everyone that commented on my blog. It is nice to know I have so many family members and friends that are there for me and support me. I love you all and want you all to know your comments helped me feel better! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!


The DeGiulio's

I'm glad they were finally able to find the problem. I dont know much about endometeriosis but from what you put it sounds really painful. Im so sorry :( I hope the surgery will help. And Im not very helpful but I dont know of any good surgeons for endometetriosis, Im not sure if the doctors at Circle of Life Womens Center do anything like that? And I know it would be a far drive for you since they are in South Ogden but I have been very pleased and highly recommend them. Good luck!


Hey Stacy I'm so sorry to hear about your Endometriosis. That is not fun to have. Don't give up on the dream of becoming a mother. You do deserve it!! You need to call Debbie. Endometriosis is one of the reasons it took them so long to get pregnant. But now they have five kids. Don't give up. We love you!! Let us know if there is anything we can do.

The Anderson's

Stacy, a good OB/GYN is totally my specialty!! All the good ones I recommend are at IMC in Murray. However, I promise they are worth the drive!! Melissa Brown, Sam Ponder, or Natalie Loewen are my absolute favorite doctors (801) 507-1800. Hope this helps and I am thinking of you:)


Sorry, I am no help in this area but I have a good feeling about this working!!


You probably don't remember me, but I'm one of Cameron's many cousins on his mom and step-dad's side. I'm so sorry to hear you are having to go through this. I hope the surgery helps! We'll keep you in your prayers.

Kranendonk Family

Stacy, A girl I worked with tried for over 2 years to get pregnant and also had a severe case of endometriosis. She got the surgery done I think by Dr. Jacobs at the Provo OBGYN clinic (they also have an office in Orem)(I also went there for my pregnancy and I loved him. Even if you just made an appointment to go talk to him he can tell you more. He really takes time to explain EVERYTHING and doesn't rush you and he seems to really care and I know my friend loved him and the surgery ended up working for her. The number is 801-374-1801. Let me know if you want me to ask my friend any questions you have or anything about it. Sorry i'm not really much help!

The Banana Bunch

I will still call Dr. Sharp and see who he recommends but I know he worked with both Dr. Melissa Brown and Dr. Sam Ponder who were mentioned above. They are the OB's he recommended to Megan Snow when she could no longer go to him. Megan didn't love Dr. Brown (that is who was supposed to deliver Ellie) but she was happier with Dr. Ponder. Talk to you soon. Love you!!


I am sorry I don't know of any doctor right off. I will ask around. I LIKED not loved Ponder but I don't know how she is as a surgeon. I will see what I can find out. Dr. Brown was a little flighty to say the least. I am glad that you have been able to pinpoint what the matter is. I have endo and I hate it. The craps are miserable. I remember being scared that I would not be able to have kids. I had the surgery before I started trying and it was a success. So use my success story as hope for things to come. The surgery wasn't to awful either. If you need to ask me anything just call me. I would love to talk.

Julia Davis

My sister had her surgery done by Julie Grover who has a practice with her dad. She is still going to her while she's now pregnant. Their website is I've heard a lot of people go to provo obgyn but that there are some guy docs there that many don't like. Hope you find someone great. We'll be thinking of you. :)

The Banana Bunch

I called Dr. Sharps office and they did recommend Dr. Ponder only the nurse said her first name was Rebecca. Have a good day. Love you!!

Jason and Ashlee

Hey Stacy - I am so glad to hear they have found the problem. I wish I knew of a good doctor in Utah - my doctor in AZ was awesome, and my surgery(endo surgery) went great - so if you can't find one in UT, come to AZ. I know the process will still take a little time, but getting all the scar tissue out helps. I had my surgery at the end of January and found out I was pregnant in April. Keep positive and it will happen.


Stacy so glad they have at least found the reason. Sounds like you have plenty of recomendations for a good surgeon. Please don't wonder what you did to deserve anything. You are a beautiful, incredible woman, loved by your Father in Heaven who knows you, feels your pain, sees your tears, and has a time frame not like ours. His arms are wrapped tightly around you, draw peace and comfort from Him. After all these centuries discouragement is still the devils most succesful tool. The Priesthood in your home will see you through to a happier season. You are blessed. I am old now but remember clearly the many days, weeks, months, and years we cried. I had the surgery and then Timmerie and 5 years later Katrina. Not our choice of scheduling for sure. Someone knew far bettr than us. Love you Both

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