Monday, May 18, 2009


Saturday was an exciting day! Cameron's dad Mike and his step-mom Melodee were sealed in the Draper temple. There is nothing like being in the temple with lots of family members. After the temple we went to breakfast at IHOP. It was yummy. Here are pictures at the temple. Congratulaions Mike and Melodee!!!!

Mike and Melodee

Cameron and his sister Shelby

Me and Shelby

All of us

Cameron and his dad

Kira, Hannah, Melodee, Shelby, Me


The DeGiulio's

That is so neat! And I agree there is nothing like being in the temple with your family, it is the best! We went to the Draper temple opened house in January, its a beautiful temple.

The Banana Bunch

Cute pictures!!

Brooke and Ben

Congrats to Cam's parents. That is wonderful.

Now, for some further business. What in the heck have you been up to? We didn't follow through with our long lost dinner and now it has been MONTHS since I have seen you! If we don't get together for some great old times, it is going to be YEARS before we see eachother!!
Come on- We can conqour these schedules. We won't let them get the best of us.
Call me.

Brooke and Ben

each other is two words. Please ignore. :)


What a beautiful day for you all. So glad you posted pictures. Love you

Jason and Ashlee

That's a good day!! I'm glad you posted pics - it's fun to see relatives. In answer to your question, yes we are going to the reunion this year. We are excited.

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