Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catch me if you can :)

Ty is 8 months old.  He is so much fun.  We love watching him grow and learn new things everyday.  He can get anywhere he wants to go and he gets there fast.  He is army crawling but is so close to real crawling.  He will get up on his hands and knees and rock like he is going to take off and he will start to move his hands and knees but then falls down and army crawls.  He knows he can get there faster if he army crawls.  He loves to talk and laugh.  He has his two bottom teeth.  They both poked through the same week.  He wants to eat whatever we are eating.  I gave him a french fry the other day and he loved it.  He got so mad when I would take it out of his mouth because he bit off too big of a piece.  He loves being outside and loves the water.  He is starting to stand holding on to the couch and is getting better and better at it each day.  He loves looking a books.  He is starting the stranger anxiety phase and cries when someone tries to hold him that he doesn't know.  He warms up pretty quick to everyone though.  He loves when dad comes home from work.  I have never seen him get so excited to see someone as he does when Cameron walks through the door.  He loves his daddy so much!!!   He is so much fun and we love his so much!!!  We can't wait to keep watching him grow and learn!


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