Sunday, March 29, 2009

David Archuleta

Friday was the David Archuleta concert at the E-center. It was a blast. He had so much energy and the whole arena was on their feet the whole time. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life and let me tell you the energy in that arena was out of control!!!! Here are a few pictures from the concert. We were on the 5th row on the floor which made it even better. Shellie has way better pictures of David on her blog, so check them out!!

Thanks family for the fun time. I can't wait to go to more concerts with you guys!!!


Jen and Shad D.

Looks and sounds like the concert was a blast. My niece went and my friends daugther went. They were saying the tickets were like 100 bucks! They were going to go as a family until they found out how much they were.

Anthony & Linds

I'm jealous! That sounds sooo fun! Tony would have never agreed to have gone with me lol.

Regarding my that moment in time I was kind of grumpy because he was #5 of the day and I knew that there would be many many more and I was just so exhausted. If he would have been the first one that walked through the doors I would have lost it. Some people just have no clue. On Friday this chick came in with a belly shirt and tight jeans and swore at least 4 or 5 times during the interview. I was not impressed. We did find 6 decent people. They will get 2nd interviews this week. So at least after all that work we hopefully will get the positions filled. Hope you are having a great weekend!


I look like a freakin GIANT in that picture. Ha ha. Why didn't I stand up straight!! Best night ever and i'm glad you all came with me. Thanks for hanging around after too! Cam is such a good sport!!

The Banana Bunch

I'm jealous!!

Chels and Zach

Fun...I am so jealous!


You guys are always out doing something fun. You guys always look cute. I just started blogging and my address is Love, Cindi Barton


How fun! It looks like you had awesome seats. It would have been an awesome concert to go to.

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